We're a full-service video production company located in Columbus, OH

As a full-service video production company located in Columbus, Ohio, we help businesses bring their vision to life. Thanks to years of experience, clients recommend us for marketing, product, brand and social media video production.

Takes less than 2 minutes

Brands We’ve Delivered Amazing Creatives For:

Commercial Videos

Professional yet affordable commercial video production to increase your brand awareness and attract customers.

Product Videos

Launching a new product or updating the existing one? Communicate your product and increase your sales.

Amazon Videos

Showcase your Amazon product and increase your Amazon sales with explainer and lifestyle videos.

How can video impact your sales?

Did you know that professional videos have a direct impact on the sales of your company? Your potential customers are much more likely to buy something from your company if they see an awesome, persuasive video.

We help you convey your company's message with our full-service Miami video production. It's time to engage your potential customers and scale your sales.

Why do you need a professional video?

Videos from our full-service Miami video production build trust and engagement. They are the most powerful tool to drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store. They increase sales, boost conversion and increase your brand awareness.

Tell your story. Engage your customers. Turn prospects into profit.

Videos used to be expensive and took months to produce but not anymore.
Our Miami video production company offers affordable prices and average delivery in 7-14 days.

Tell your story, demonstrate your product or service and stand out from your competition with a video people like to watch.

Why video production services from Miami-based 10X ROAS?

One of the easiest ways to produce a video for your business is to hire a full-service video production company (bonus points if it's located in Miami, wink wink).

Our video production team can assist you with every single aspect of your project, from the beginning to the end.

We create a storyboard to capture our ideas, communicate the information, convey the emotion and execute it on set.

Our in-house video editors then handle the post-production to ensure your video is professional, engaging and ready for distribution.

We'll work closely with you every step of the way so that your video turns out exactly how you want it.

What we cover for you



Actor Selection

Screening Actors

Location Selection

Project Management

Unlimited Revisions



Legal Rights

Who's on your dedicated video production team?

Creative Strategist


Video Editor